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Any money raised would go straight to Teen Challenge to pay for Noah’s tuition. It is a 12 month program and we were blessed to have the first two months covered. Teen Challenge Is a Christian based solution for boys age 12 to 17 who are dealing with addiction, anger, defiance, and other life-controlling problems.  Noah has been struggling for the past 3 years. We have tried many different things to no avail. This program is a chance for him to turn things around before he becomes an adult.

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Pittsburgh Ministry for the Fatherless


RIOT stands for Reaching Into Opposition Together, and it is their goal to help further the cause of bringing awareness to the epidemic of fatherlessness. 

  • Every three months, RIOT releases a new line of clothing whose style compliments the specific mission of the ministry they select to support. With the launch of SZN I, 

RIOT Collection partnered with local non-profit Urban Impact’s baseball program with the goal of sponsoring 23 students to participate in the summer team. 

Founders Zachary and Ellie DelTurco were shocked at the following RIOT Collection gained in such a short amount of time, and were encouraged with how fast the clothes were selling. Through the generous support of customers, named “brand ambassadors”, RIOT Collection was able to reach their goal and raised over $3,000 for Urban Impact. Presenting them with the check was a humbling moment for Riot Collection, and certainly a moment they would never forget. 

This Pittsburgh Ministry for the Fatherless was birthed out of founder Zachary DelTurco’s own life. While he was a senior in high school, his own father battled with mental illness which led to Zachary and his family moving out of their house for their safety and wellbeing. Zachary knows the pain of not having a father, the uncertainty that goes along with that, and how great a need there is for bringing awareness to the epidemic of fatherlessness within the suburbs of Pittsburgh. While today Zachary’s father is healthy, and is a constant and strong presence in his life; many youth in Pittsburgh are not so fortunate. Upon graduating college, Zachary began pastoring a high school and young adults ministry and further saw the need for a Pittsburgh ministry for the fatherless. He would witness many youth struggling with addiction, depression, violence, and behavioral issues, and realized that family life was the common denominator. So he decided to step up to the plate and mentor the kids that didn’t have a dad. He became a dad for them. Zachary would take them out to dinner and listen to them, go to the gyms with them, attend their sports games, even buy them shoes, just to show them that they were worth it. He realized that the way to unlock potential in young men is to invest in them with your time. Just show up. This is what drives what we do with our clothing brand RIOT Collection. 

We know that by investing in one Pittsburgh ministry for the fatherless every season, we can further the cause of showing broken youth the love and guidance they need. We are happy to announce that our second SZN has just launched. We will be partnering with Pine Valley Camp, with the hopes of sending 130 youth to summer camp this year. We were intentional with our color palette and our clothing items so they would reflect going to camp. 

We introduced our first ever windbreaker, as well as socks, and the color palette has colors like olive green, tan, and white…all which made us think of the outdoors and attending camp. In March or 2019, we were invited to promote RIOT Collection at local artist Allissa Logsdon’s concert in Pittsburgh, PA. We were able to sell some of our clothes and spread awareness about what RIOT does. There was a great turnout, and we had a record number of items sold that week on our website. We certainly are seeking to work with local artists, athletes, and businessmen who have a heart for raising awareness about the fatherless in Pittsburgh, and believe this is a great way to spread our reach. 

We also just wrapped our SZN II photoshoot which allowed us to wear the new collection and capture images for social media and selling on the website. We shot the looks at Pine Valley camp, so we were on the very location where the profits of the clothing sales are benefitting. The campus is beautiful, with a river, tall trees, and lots of open fields. We know that any youth that has the ability to attend camp here will have a life-change experience, and that just motivates us even more. We truly believe that with the help of raising awareness about fatherless youth in Pittsburgh, we can make a lasting change in our city for the better. 

Did you know that every single box that ships contains a hand-written letter from Zachary and Ellie? Both of them pray over the season before it launches, and often they will get specific bible verses, prayers, or encouragement for the customer the merchandise is going to. They personally sit and write out notes for each buyer and make it personal for them…something they would truly remember. Often we have found that this little handwritten lesser is what has made the biggest impact on the customer, and they often remember the letter more than any packaging or marketing. As we move ahead and begin strategizing for our next season, we are reevaluating the RIOT brand and are bringing in some test marketing, and more brainstorming meetings with our target audience. We are looking at new clothing ideas, wholesale suppliers, and strategic partnerships with Pittsburgh athletes and influencers on social media. We are also beginning to plan more about the other phases to the RIOT brand and will begin looking into how we can make a lasting impact through mentoring at risk you in Pittsburgh. Ministry for the fatherless is simply what we do and what we breathe, and through the sales of RIOT clothing, we can help lift others up and out of broken situations at home. 

Every person needs someone they can call father, and we know that through raising awareness through RIOT clothing, we can provide a lasting for youth in our city, and that each and every Pittsburgh ministry for the fatherless can extend their impact to those in need.

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