Reach Into Opposition Together (RIOT)

Zachary and Elise DelTurco have had a heart for at-risk youth since 2014. RIOT Collection is a reflection of their mission to impact one teen at a time. We are a ‘brand with a cause’, and vow to work together to give at-risk youth the tools they need to succeed in life.

Zachary has been mentoring teens for over seven years and desires to bring awareness to this nation's epidemic of fatherlessness. We believe fatherlessness is the root of most of society’s toughest issues including substance abuse, violence, and poverty.  

RIOT Collection partners with organizations that are already making a difference in youth’s lives in Pittsburgh, and we resource their efforts through the sales of our merchandise. By joining forces with others, we can bring more awareness to the issues while also providing teens with a safe place to belong.

We would love for you to join the movement with us and Reach Into Opposition Together (RIOT). 


We are a clothing brand with a cause to give at-risk youth the tools to succeed in life.

We team up with local nonprofits that focus on reaching youth in the suburban and urban areas of Pittsburgh, PA.

Every Season (SZN) has a reason. Each season we partner with other nonprofits who specifically help at-risk youth. Check out our shop (or just keep reading) to see who we are helping right now. 

- SZN I -

 GOAL ACHIEVED - $3,000 Donated!

In SZN I, we teamed-up with Urban Impact’s Baseball Program to sponsor 23 teens. Thanks to all of our brand ambassadors for making a difference in these local youth.

Website: https://www.uifpgh.org

- SZN II -

GOAL ACHIEVED - $3,000 Donated!

In SZN II, we are teaming up with Pine Vally Camp to contribute to 130 teens going to their summer camp. 

 Pine Valley's Mission: 

 “Rebuilding broken lives through Jesus Christ”. 

Pine Valley's Vision:

create camps where at risk youth will encounter God's creation, loving community, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


In SZN III, we are teaming up with Adventures in Training with a Purpose (ATP) to provide sweatshirts for their mentorship program participants. ATP is located in the Farrell and Sharon school districts. A lot of these students come from rough home environments where having warm winter clothing is not possible. This is why SZN III is all about B1G1 (Buy One, Give One). By partnering with us this season, every one sweatshirt you BUY we are GIVING one sweatshirt away to a student in the ATP mentorship program. 

Website:  https://www.adventurestraining.org/

- SZN IV -

In SZN IV, were sponsoring Noah Smith as he attends Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge is a Christian based solution for boys age 12 to 17 who are dealing with addiction, anger, defiance, and other life-controlling problems.  Noah has been struggling for the past 3 years. We have tried many different things to no avail. This program is a chance for him to turn things around before he becomes an adult.

Website: https://teenchallengeusa.org/